Disability / Integration

Year of production: 1994

    Part 1: "Law over Mercy" - The strenuous path
to integration (1984-1994) 17 min.

Part 2: "The Fear of All Things New" - Integration
in elementary school (experiences of an
integration class) 16 min.

Part 3: "Integration Begins in Your Head" (Georg
Feuser) - Integration on a secondary level,
16 min.

"An inconvenient underlying assumption of
non-exclusive teaching is the fact that we
adults have no vivid image of what instruction
in a diverse classroom should look like.
The people of today's adult generation never
experienced this during their own time at school.
However we need clear images in order to give
ourselves a greater feeling of inner
security." (Prof. Jutta Schöler, TU Berlin)
Christa Polster

Christa Polster

Peter Panay

Peter Roehlser

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