Autumn Blood

Year of production: 2012

    Set high in the Tyrolean Mountains, on a secluded
farm, far from the nearest village, two children
survive off the land with no one to rely on but each
Maria is sixteen-years-old, at one with nature, and
despite a tough life, still untouched by the evil that
exists in mankind.
Peter is ten, a good boy and a hard worker. But he
is still traumatized from having seen his father killed
by the town’s Mayor, an incident that left him
Their mother is now dying and the children must
keep it a secret for fear that social services will
separate them when they are orphaned.
It’s a rough existence, but they survive together
and still manage to find great joy in life and in
Until the Mayor’s son, a ferocious and malevolent
hunter, brutally assaults and rapes Maria. It’s an
unspeakable act of evil and becomes even more
horrific when his friends decide to take advantage
of the defenseless girl themselves.
When an outsider from the city comes to
investigate, the Mayor and his son must cover up
the sinful crime. This sets into motion a thrilling and
surprising story of survival and redemption, buried
secrets and startling truths.
Culminating with an epic mountain hunt and
shocking twist, Autumn Blood delivers an
enthralling, metaphorical and visually lyrical story
of a young girl’s coming of age.

Markus Blunder

Sophie Lowe
Peter Stormare
Maximilian Harnisch
Gustaf Skarsgaard
Samuel Vauramo
Annica Bejhed
Tim Uhlenbrock
George Lenz
Margarethe Tiesel
Jacqueline Le Saunier
Hansa Czypionka
Jonas Laux
Julia Dietze
Hannah Payr

Stephen T. Barton
Markus Blunder

Robert Miller

Reed Morano

Set design:
Maximilian Lange

Maurizio Giambra

Lorraine Martin
Namiko Nishida

Matthew Sanchez

Joe Landauer