The Heroes of Helden
(Helden in Tyrol)

Year of production: 1998

The Heroes of Helden (Helden in Tyrol) - Webseite

    Helden (Eng: Heroes), is a village in an out-of
the-way forgotten valley in Tyrol, where life still
follows the old ways. This is a place where a
simple poacher named Max can love the poor
Emma, but does not want to stand in the way of
her marrying the greedy mayor's rich son.
But one day the idyllic community is threatened
when the mayor announces that he plans to
commercialize the untouched village as a tourism
destination. Max is of course opposed to the plan
and leads a fight against it. No one is surprised
when Emma takes his side, and after saving the
town from disgrace, he is rewarded with her hand
in marriage.
Christian Schmidt
Elke Winkens
Rudolf Strobl
Adele Neuhauser
Ludger Pistor
Christian Pogats
Andreas Vitasek
Silvia Fenz
I Stangl
Gregor Seberg
Werner Brix

Niki List

Niki List &
Walter Kordesch

Heinz Leonhardsberger
Peter Janda

Martin Stingl

Set design:
Manfred Ebner
Geoffrey Wirth

Evi Romen