I'm my Own Boss

Year of production: 2000

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    I'm My Own Boss is the third film with Christian
Polster, who was born with Downs Syndrome.
The films gives insight into his work in the
performance group "Bilderwerfer" ("Imagecasters")
showing excerpts from rehearsals and shows, and
for the first time, includes a film sequence with a
screenplay written by Christian Polster, himself.
The camera accompanies him to his favorite pub
where we see him socializing with his friends.
I'm My Own Boss is a funny film that seeks to
make Polster's love of life, his humor and his
approach to people and things tangible for the
Christian Polster
Adi Hirschal
Daniel Aschwanden
Elisabeth Löffler
Eric Jan Rippmann
Katrin Ackerl
Brigitte Rössl

Christa Polster
Niki List

Niki List
Christa Polster

Peter Janda

Peter Roehsler

Set design:
Jaqueline Ebner
Paul Horn

Sonja Lesowsky