Year of production: 2003
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    Three young women who make video art and are
members of a Hip-Hop group, are on a world-wide
search for role-models. Twenty something and at
the beginnings of their careers, they speak
different languages, have different skin colors and
yet are all citizens of one country. They are living
the multi-cultural life that makes the Europe of
tomorrow tangible. The film shows them in their
everyday life, in the creative confrontations
between their art and a political environment
where support for culture is dwindling and room
for free expression becoming ever narrower.
Sabine Steli
Verica Jambrovic
Claudia Bruckner
Marie Hebga
Dennis Steinmetz
Marco Hebga
Philip Siegel
Bobas Markowski
Erwin Kovats
Oliver Türkoglu

Niki List

Regine E. Steinmetz

Viennese Voodoo
Fairy Nectar

Peter Roehsler

Set design:
Mandi Ebner

Sonja Lesowsky