Nick Static

Year of production: 2001

    1959: The young Berthold Wettelsteck ( Benjamin
) is an avid reader of comic books. Most of
all he likes the tales of the hero Nick Static ( Jens
). As Wettelsteck greedily absorbs the
newest adventures in the magazine Quick, the
story suddenly melts into reality, and he finds
himself in the middle of it: To his great joy, he is
now directly part of the action, as Nick chases his
adversary Virginia Peng ( Jeanette Hain ).
He watches closely as the master sleuth gets hold
of the stolen formula for the elixir of youth from
the evil beauty. The battle ends badly for both:
Static is transformed into a wooden statue by
Virginia's assistant, Professor Barnap ( Axel
), and Virginia Peng falls into a vat of acid,
and escapes only with massive effort, her body
badly deformed.

Forty years later: Berthold Wettelsteck ( Wolfram
) is living as a single father with his young
teenage daughter, the alert and lively Isetta
( Kordula Kohlschmitt ) and their dog Knips.
He is still a passionate collector of comic books.
In a corner of his office stands the wooden statue
of Nick Static, in memory of this remarkable time
in his life. Then suddenly, Static is restored to
flesh and blood, and Virginia, mutated into an
atrocious monster, wants to become young and
beautiful again with the help of Bartap and the
secret formula - and like Wettelseck she almost
dies in the process…
Jens Schäfer
Jeanette Hain
Axel Milberg
Wolfram Berger
Kordula Kohlschmitt

Niki List
Markus O. Rosenmüller

Philip Weinges
Günter Knarr

Reinhold Heil
Johnny Kilmek
Xaver Naudascher

Hagen Bogdanski

Set design:
Matthias Kammermeier

Hans Funck