Tatort (Crime Scene) -
Deep End

Year of production 2013

    Five years after her abduction, a girl succeeds
in escaping from her dungeon. Shortly afterwards
her abductor commits suicide. When the criminal's
home is finally demolished, detectives Moritz Eisner
and Bibi Fellner make another gruesome find on the
site. The body of their missing colleague is found in
the basement vault of the house. And she appears
to have died of thirst. Convinced that the death of
their colleague was cold-blooded murder, the
detectives set out to find the truth and in the
process stumble upon a network of criminal
activity that leads them to the very highest
echelons of the police and judiciary.

"Tatort-Deep End" produced by Cult Movies for
ORF in association with Land Niederösterreich.
Harald Krassnitzer
Adele Neuhauser
Hubert Kramar
Tanja Raunig
Stefanie Dvorak
Eva Billisich
Michael Dangl
Thomas Mraz
Elfriede Schüsseleder
Heinz Trixner
Margarethe Tiesel
Robert Meyer
Martina Spitzer
Lisa Furtner
Klaus Rott

Harald Sicheritz

Ulli Brèe

Lothar Scherpe

Thomas Kürzl

Set design:
Bertram Reiter

Erika Navas

Andrea Soiron

Sound Engineer:
Manfred Banach

Ingrid Koller

Eva Roth

Production Manager:
Robert Opratko

Editorial ORF:
Alexander Vedernjak

Film Location:
Lower Austria

Shooting period:
January - February 2013