Dining with the Devil

Year of production: 1995

    Leo Strobl is a photographer. Everyone calls him
Turbo Leo, because he lives from being a quick
photographer. He specializes in car accidents and
works as a small wheel in the machinery of the
daily news media. The smaller the wheel, the
fester it has to turn, especially when competition
shows up on his turf. Dining with the Devil is a
film about the media, voyeurism, cars, women
and the business of death.
Udo Samel
Wolfram Berger
Judith Földesi
Alexander Wächter
Günther Rainer
Michael Walde-Berger
Serge Falck
Gudrun Tielsch
Karl Markovics
Nina Proll

Wolfgang Murnberger

Wolfgang Murnberger

Peter Janda

Fabian Eder

Set design:
Gerald Damovsky

Hildegard Leitner
Silvia Spitzer