Tatort (Crime Scene) -
Code Name "Kidon"

Year of production 2013

    A guest falls onto the roof of a taxi from the top
floor of a hotel near Vienna's Opera House. He is
dead. But is it suicide or murder? The dead man
is Dr. Bansari, an Iranian diplomat and nuclear
physicist. The Iranian Embassy and Austrian
Foreign Ministry immediately weigh in. Both try
to keep the case strictly under wraps, but the
investigating team of Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner
will not be deterred from pressing ahead with their
enquiries. In the process they stumble across
business dealings that a lobbyist is pursuing for a
high-tech company. This company manufactures
pumps and valves that could possibly be used in
atomic reactors.
A major deal has just been closed and the goods
are thought to be making their way to Iran via
third countries. This, at least, is the possible
assumption of the Israeli secret services, who
are suspected of having a hand in the death of
Dr. Bansari and of sending an assassination squad.

"Tatort-Code Name Kidon" produced by Cult Movies
for ORF in association with Land Niederösterreich.
Harald Krassnitzer
Adele Neuhauser
Hubert Kramar
Tanja Raunig
Udo Samel
Eva Billisich
Arno Frisch
Stefan Puntigam
Angela Gregovic
Wolfram Berger
Michael Kreihsl
Tobias Ofenbauer
Werner Brix
Adina Vetter

Thomas Roth

Max Gruber

Lothar Scherpe

Jo Molitoris

Set design:
Isidor Wimmer

Erika Navas

Andrea Soiron

Sound Engineer:
Torsten Heinemann

Frank Soiron

Eva Roth

Production Manager:
Robert Opratko

Editorial ORF:
Alexander Vedernjak

Film Location:

Shooting period:
February - March 2013