The Christmas Dog

Year of production: 2004

    Two singles, a dog and Christmas.

Max, a chaotic cook and journalist desperately
wants to get rid of his dog Kurt at Christmas,
because he plans to travel. Katrin, the perfect,
successful accountant desperately needs a dog,
in order not to need to spend Christmas with her
parents. By chance the two meet at the pound.

It's love at first sight - at least between Katrin
and the dog Kurt. At first Katrin and Max don't
get along at all. But the two singles will come
together in the end.

Before that can happen, however, a few
obstacles have to be overcome.
Not only do both Max and Katrin both have other
relationships. Max is not quite broken up with the
homespun masseuse Nathalie. Katrin just got
engaged to the rich and charming duke Aurelius -
which her parents are quite happy about.
The parents and Aurelius will do anything to spend
Christmas Eve with "their" Katrin - whatever it

And then the two singles also have to share the
four-legged Kurt - which results in conflicts of
schedule. Despite all the complications the two
become closer and closer. Katrin notices how
good the down-two-earth and chaotic Max is for
her - and Max is soon enthralled by the "bitchy
control freak."

Everything would be easy if Max didn't have a
special problem, which could screw up everything:
when he kisses a woman he faints. He can't
possibly tell Katrin this. Of course, Katrin is very
confused by his shyness when it comes to kissing.
When she then also catches him in the arms of
another woman, she flips. Everything seems to be

In the few hours of Christmas Eve, something big
has to happen, to make Max and Katrin kiss
romantically in a whirl of snowflakes under the lit
Christmas tree. Kurt even breaks out of the pound
to ensure that the two find each other just in
time. And even the two "losers" Aurelius and
Nathlie experience their own kind of Christmas
Florian Fitz
Nadeshda Brennicke
Gunther Gillian
Katharina Stemberger
Nicole Beutler
Adele Neuhauser
Fritz von Friedl
Hertha Schell
Michou Friesz

Michael Keusch

Eduard Habsburg

Peter Janda

Georg Diemannsberger

Set design:
German Pizzinini

Sonja Lesowsky