The Love of a Crook

Year of production: 1995

    A young ex-con, who is bent on never again
coming in contact with the criminal milieu, is at
the center of Peter Ily Huemer's thriller, The
Love of a Crook. Martin Prinz (Andreas Lust) was
imprisoned for theft and narcotics charges and is
now determined, not to relapse. He is barely
making ends meet with his pay as a taxi driver,
when his half brother Adi (Gregor Seberg) shows
up and asks him for help. Adi wanted to change
his future for the better and is now in possession
of a bag stuffed full of jewels. He can only get rid
of the merchandise in a few days and the bag had
to be kept somewhere in the mean time - namely
with Martin. With this, a succession of
complications arise, though with Martin becomes
yet again entangled in crime - fate is stronger
than his will. Suddenly Martin is in the middle of a
war against a boss of the underground - to make
matters worse Martin falls in love with his lady.

The Love of a Crook is different kind of thriller -
there are corpses and brutality, but the main
focus is on the description of the touching sides
of a crooks life - there is a certain similarity to
the romantic style in the well-known films of
Jean Gabin.
Andreas Lust
Loretta Pflaum
Georg Friedrich
Gregor Seberg
Rupert Henning
Michou Friesz
Peter Färber

Peter Ily Huemer

Peter Ily Huemer

Kim Pil-Jung

Carl Finkbeiner

Set design:
Peter Krychl

Karina Ressler