Death and The Niece

Year of production: 1999

    The Viennese-born journalist Jeff Meltzer, who
emigrated to New York 13 years ago for
ideological reasons, comes back to his old home
for the first time to interview antique dealer and
hobby-historian Franz Herzog.

Herzog has dedicated practically his entire life to
searching for the truth about Geli Raubal's death.
Geli Raubal, Adolf Hitler's half-niece, assumed to
be his only true love, died in 1931 from a bullet
from Hitler's gun. It was however never clear
whether it was suicide or murder.
Raubals skeleton is supposed to be buried in the
Vienna Central Cemetery; an autopsy could
answer the question. In the course of his
research, Herzog seems to have come across
some interesting discoveries and offers Jeff the
material for a great story.

However, when Jeff arrives in Vienna, it is already
too late. Franz Herzog has been brutally
murdered. Soon afterwards Jeff too is threatened,
someone is trying to prevent him and Herzog's
daughter Tessa from finding out the real reasons
for Herzog's death. Jeff thinks he has solved the
case, when he finds Geli Raubal's missing skeleton.
But the murderer is also after the secret, and
Franz Herzog is not the only one who could end
up dead. A dangerous race against the clock
Tobias Moretti
Michou Friesz
Lars Rudolph
Branko Samarovski
Monika Bleibtreu
Rudolf Wessely
Simon Schwarz

Peter Payer

Peter Ily Huemer &
Wolfgang Bayer

Helmut Grössing

Andreas Berger

Set design:
Elisabeth Klobassa

Evi Romen