The road to Istanbul


    "The Road to Istanbul" tells the story of two very
different people, who are responsible for the
transport to Istanbul of artifacts dating from the
time of the Turkish siege of Vienna. Dr. Emmerich
Berger, a shy and scatterbrained academic and
expert in Uigur script, has been assigned to
accompany the transport to Istanbul. Nehoda,
a carefree and experienced truck driver is
supposed to get them there.

Dr. Berger only accepts the assignment in order
not to disappoint his boss, Dr. Ayshim Taschner,
whom he is in love with. Since the bank denies
him a loan, Nehoda pays for the necessary repairs
to his truck for the transport by smuggling
explosives along with the cargo. They are already
hidden in the container, between the priceless

One of the sponsors of the exhibition, Dr, Tahir
from Turkey, tries to confiscate the Turkish
treasures. He believes that the "Turkish loot"
rightfully belongs to Turkey's national inheritance
and not in a Viennese Museum where they are
seen as testimony to the defeat of Turkey.
Emmi Berger and Nehoda soon realize that they
are being followed. As the truck jolts over the
streets the explosives jolt with it.

After a long and eventful drive they arrive in
Istanbul to meet Dr. Tahir.
Karl Markovics
Wolfram Berger
Sahnaz Cakiralp
Kurtiz Tuncel
Anne Bennent
Herbert Marko

Peter Sämann

Nikolaus Schmidt &
Rigobert Mayer

Klaus Peter Sattler
und Peter Janda

Martin Stingl

Set design:
Peter Krychl

Traudl Gruber