A Beginning of Something

Year of production: 1994

    Herbert Sobieski is the superintendent of an
apartment building not far from Vienna's Prater
amusement park. At night, he shows movies in a
run-down suburban cinema. His life is quiet,
withdrawn, seemingly trivial. The days proceed
in an orderly fashion, between Bassena and
projection room, savings club and the nursing
home where his mother lives. No one knows about
Herbert's dream of following his father to America,
except for Hans, his father's friend. When the
young student Rita moves into the building,
everything changes.
Inge Rosenberg
Sandra Cervik
Georg Trenkwitz
Adi Hirschal
Christoph Waltz
Wolfgang Böck
Claudia Martini
Karl Markovics
Peter Färber
Silvia Fenz

Nikolaus Leytner

Nikolaus Leytner

Franz Schubert

Hans Selikovsky

Set design:
Ursula Leytner

Andrea Wagner