Year of production: 1994

    The Lawyer Dr. Weiß directs the transport of
weapons to ex-Yugoslavia and the Middle East.
The interior minister, the chief of police and an
arms dealer Egger pull the strings. As the
journalist Sturm gets behind these dealings, Egger
simulates a fatal car accident and goes into

Sturm finds Egger out and blackmails him for
millions before shooting him. Confusion ensues
circling around Sturm's archive that contains
evidence condemning all involved parties. When
Sturm is arrested he forces the lawyer Weiß to
take over his defense. Through Sturm's lover
Livia, who had earlier dated Egger, Weiß manages
to get at the archive, putting Livia in danger
as well.

Weiß' future wife Iris slowly uncovers the truth.
A few brutal murders orchestrated by the chief
of police allow the interior minister to cover his
tracks. Finally, when all those in the know are
disposed of, - including Commissar Knaller, who
was close to cracking the case - Weiß marries Iris
who, after securing his future career, destroys
the archive.

Gehard Roth comments: "It's a story about the
connections between politics, business and crime.
The old democracies were idealistic forms of
politics until now, the longer they last, the more
politics mixes with business, and business with
power, in these systems. The important thing is
that I don't judge, but rather present reality."
Susanne Lothar
Ulrich Tukur
Julia Stemberger
Ulrich Mühe
Julius Jellinek
Wolfgang Gasser

Michael Schottenberg

Gerhard Roth

Mischa Krausz

Michi Riebl

Set design:
Florian Reichmann

Ortrun Bauer