Joined in Love

Year of production: 2002

    The stuff of this novella - the tragic fate of young
lovers - belongs to the most well known motifs of
world literature and is based on actual events in
1847 in a village near Leipzig. Yes, real life can
sometimes write the best screenplays.

Joined in Love tells the moving story of the son
and daughter of two feuding farmers, who hang
on to their love for each other despite of their
fathers' unrelenting feud.

Vreni Miller and Sali Manz, the happy children of
two wealthy farm families, seem 'made for each
other,' until their fathers' dispute over a section of
land threatens to tear them apart. When neither
can win in court they proceed to divide it up
separately as they please, leading to a fist fight,
from which one of them never recovers. With the
two families now openly at war, Vreni and Sali are
forbidden to see other.

Not until the families livelihoods hit rock bottom
does there seem to be any chance for Vreni and
Sali to live their love - even if only for one night...
Franziska Weiß
Achim Schelhas
Armin Rohde
Isabel Karajan
Wolfram Berger
Dagmar Manzel
Johannes Silberschneider
Wolfgang Böck

Holger Barthel

Holger Barthel

Peter Janda

Peter von Haller

Set design:
Tommy Vögel

Evi Romen