Tatort (Crime Scene) -
No Way Out

Year of production 2011

    A bus belonging to a cleaning company is attacked
before the start of work. The driver, a student, is
shot dead. Moritz Eisner's and Bibi Fellner's
investigationspoint to it being "mistake"- the
stand-in driver was killed insteadof the usual man.
He, however, is at home with flu, and is not left in
peace for long. The killers appear at his house, but
he is able to flee to the police and discloses that
he is a Serbian refugee from the Kosovan war, has
married in Austria and taken the name Müller,
which is his wife's name. The explosive detail is
that he was a member of a paramilitary grouping
that, as a hitsquad, had massacred Bosnian
Muslims. He, then Mirco Gradic, now Josef Müller,
deserted, and has precise records of all the
atrocities committed. He is able to identify
members of the troop who are living incognito
in Vienna, and above all the ringleaders. One of
these must have disappeared in Vienna and have
discovered Müller's presence here, along with his
true identity.The case develops into a pitiless
battle with Serbian ultra-nationalists, which almost
ends in an inferno.

"Tatort-No Way Out" produced by Cult Movies
for ORF.
Harald Krassnitzer
Adele Neuhauser
Christoph Bach
Monica Reyes
Marco Pustisek
Giorgi Gvinadze
Gennadi Vengerov
Therese Affolter
Alexander Strömer
Michael König
Julia Kronenberg
David Oberkogler
Hubert Kramar
Tanja Raunig
Johannes Silberschneider
Stefan Puntigam
Serge Falck

Fabian Eder

Fabian Eder
Lukas Sturm

Roman Kariolou

Fabian Eder

Set design:
Rudi Czettel

Ingrid Leibezeder

Andrea Soiron

Sound Engineer:
Thomas Szabolcs

Ingrid Koller

Nicole Schmied

Production Manager:
Louis Oellerer

Editorial ORF:
Alexander Vedernjak

Film Location:
Lower Austria

Shooting period:
February - March 2011