Copa Kagrana

Year of production: 1995

    Niki List and Gerald Pichowetz compile the doings
and driftings of the Viennese Wolfi, his family and
his friends to a plotted storyline. Languid summer
evenings, barbeques, summer romances and hot
days at the public swimming pool; this is the
essence of "Copa Kagarana." Niki List both wrote
and directed the film. Walter Markel, Gerhard
Markel and Peter Janda composed the soundtrack.

The principle roles are played by Gerald
Pichlowetz, Andrea Händler (Muttertag / Mother's
Day), Christian Schmidt (Müllers Büro/ Mueller's
Office), Tini Kainrath of the "Rounder Girls",
Gudrun Tielsch (Im Schatten des Schreibers / In
the Writer's Shadow), Andrea Müller, Christian
Döring, Fredl Schauer and Christina Kanicnik.
Niki List speaking about the cast: " When casting
the film and arranging the songs, I thought about
the people in Manfred Deix's cartoons." The film
was mostly shot in Vienna's 10th district Kagran
and on the Old Danube. The house in which Wolfi
and Martha live should ring a bell among Austrian
TV viewers as it is that of the People's Party
District Counselor Pepi Schoitl from Kaisermühlen
Gerald Pichowetz
Walter Kordesch
Andrea Händler
Christian Schmidt
Tini Kainrath
Stefan Schmidt

Niki List

Niki List

Peter Janda
Walter Markl

Andreas Berger

Set design:
Manfred Ebner

Klaus Hundsbichler