Year of production: 1998

    Inspector Glockner goes to China to try to
distance himself from his conflict with the Russian
Mafia. His opponent, however, has already set the
next crime wave in motion.

Top officials at the police department are killed
and replaced by cartel sympathizers. Glockner is
also on the black list. His murder also represents
a personal act of revenge for his old adversary,
Madame Colette.

After an explosive assassination attempt, which
he was able to evade, Glockner continues to
investigate on his own, with the help of the
alcoholic inspector Konrad.

Through the CIA connections of the mysterious
Lamoth, they discover the true scope of the
Mafia's plans: The transport of a nuclear warhead.
In a dramatic showdown Glockner is able to
prevent the weapons deal from taking place.
Michael Schottenberg
Sophie Rois
Karl Markovics
Johannes Silberschneider
Gabriela Skrabakowa
Jan Nemejovsky
Roger Murbach
Inga Busch
Gregor Seberg
Peter Dutz

Thomas Roth

Gerhard Roth &
Thomas Roth

Lothar Scherpe

Helmut Pirnat

Set design:
Georg Resetschnig

Evi Romen