Better to be Rich and Happy

Year of production: 1996

    The protagonists of the story are burdened with
monetary worries. Peter and Evelyn have taken on
financial obligations beyond their means with their
Restaurant "Zum Glücksklee" and are severely in
the red. Willi too, the attendant at a discount gas
station, is in financial peril. He fell in love with his
boss Bettina and wants to divorce his wife Rita
and pay her a significant settlement. And, after
many years of service, detective Stanewski earns
too little to pay for his granddaughter's year
abroad in America.

Peter and Evelyn attempt radical problem solving
and rob a bank. The yield is meager and the
innocent Willi becomes the prime suspect.
Stanewski doesn't believe Willi did it and continues
to investigate. His experience and a few favorable
coincidences lead him in the right direction, to the
Restaurant "Zum Glücksklee." He quickly sees
through the naïve amateurs Evelyn and Peter,
pulls a few strings and directs from the sidelines,
with the result that the two try to rob the bank
again. When the two return home with a haul of
over a million, there is already someone waiting
for them.
Otto Tausig
Oliver Stern
Eva-Maria Straka
Otmar Schrott
Susanne Michel
Harry Windisch
Kitti Speiser

Heide Pils

Peter Zingler

Hannes König

Helmut Pirnat

Set design:
Susanne Quendler

Juno Sylva Englander