Polly Adler (Pilot)

Year of production: 2005

    Polly Adler is a society columnist; the best in the
city. It begins as a harmless press conference,
but in her research Polly finds out that the Family
minister, presumed to be a clean-cut exemplary
man of the people, has a secret.
A scandal threatens to rock the nation. At the
same time Polly lives through the everyday
problems of a modern woman - her husband falls
in love with a customer, his divorce lawyer falls in
love with her and her daughter falls in love with a
new hair color. In the end Polly knows that the
Nation is saved, hair grows back and men…, well.
Petra Morzé
Coco Huemer
Roland Koch
Florentine Lahme
Julia Cencig
August Schmölzer
Florian Fitz
Wolfgang Böck
Nina Blum
Michou Friesz

Peter-Ily Huemer

Angelika Hager

Yullwin Mak

Hermann Dunzendorfer

Set design:
Veronika Merlin

Kirk von Heflin