Polly Adler - Episodes 1-4

Year of production: 2008

    In the TV series, which evolved out of the
90-minute pilot released on ORF in 2005, the
single mother and society columnist Polly Adler
(Petra Morzé) tries to intelligently master the
balancing act between career and family without
losing her sense of humor. This means that on a
regular basis either her daughter Resi (Nathalie
Köbli), her current partner or her career get the
short end of the stick, which enrages her resolute
boss, Anatol Grünberg (Wolfgang Böck)! Polly's
friend, the hairdresser Gerti (Andrea Händler) is
an important means for support in Polly's
everyday Chaos. In Polly's life, improvisation
and a sense of humor are the only things that
get her through: "Sadly life is more Amstetten
than Paris!"

In every episode, Polly's journalistic endeavors
allow the viewers to delve into the lives of all
sorts of people. Polly's charm and intuition open
many doors and hearts that would otherwise have
been closed off. At a chic restaurant opening she
uncovers the proximity of glamour and misery in
haute cuisine, when the wife of the star chef is
kidnapped. Who is behind all of this? (1st episode)
The folk music scene is at the center of a great
love story, but hen the wedding is called off.
What happened? (2nd episode) A legendary
Hollywood diva is supposed to be buried in Vienna,
but at the funeral the urn is found to be empty.
Where are the ashes? (3rd episode) And, shortly
before the premiere an Opera diva suffers sudden
hearing loss through a pistol short. As it an
accident, or is there more of an explanation.
(4th Episode)

Polly Adler is an ORF production in cooperation
with Cult-Film Production Inc./Teamworx
Television & Film Inc. for ORF in cooperation with
Cultfilm Vienna
Petra Morze´
Roland Koch
Nathalie Köbli
Wolfgang Böck
Florian Teichtmeister
Nina Blum
Nina Proll
Gregor Bloèb
Andrea Händler

Peter Gersina

Angelika Hager & Uli Brèe

Thomas Rabitsch

Michael Boxrucker

Set design:
Susanne Quendler

Christoph Birkner

Sound Engineer:
Wolly Michael Wollmann

Anja Feikes