Tatort (Crime Scene) - Fatal Trust

Year of production: 2005

    The internationally renowned physicist Raimund
Jakobi is shot in the middle of the day. The
brilliant scientific researcher and department head
of the company Ultra Light Car had almost finished
compiling the results of a million-Euro project,
namely the development of a revolutionary new
building material for the auto industry.

Detective Eisner finds the people at ULC on edge.
The socially incompetent Jakobi was anything but
popular among his colleagues. Still, the future of
his company depends on the success of his

There are threats of layoffs, the staff council
is mobilizing, the management wants to see
profitable results. Manager Hannes Kubek,
pressured from all sides, confronts Eisner with the
suspicion that competitors may be behind Jakobi's

But soon Eisner treads in private mine fields of the
egocentric Jakobi, including his ex-wife, left with
two children and heavy debts, his current lady
friend who is also a highly valued colleague
discouraged and obviously only second choice.
And the broken friendship with the manager
Hannes Kubek.

Eisner concentrates on Kubeks personal
relationship to Jakobi. He hopes to get information
from the attractive consultant Carina Reif, who is
Kubek's coach. Soon it becomes clear to Eisner
that Jakobi lost Kubek's trust in the worst possible

Everything points to his private life tied in to the
murder, until forbidden access codes for secret
project data are discovered. This puts the case
back on the fast-track of international business
Harald Krassnitzer
Sarah Tkotsch
Hary Prinz
Patricia Hirschbichler
Julia Stemberger
Maria Köstlinger
Jan-Gregor Kremp
Petra Morzé

Holger Barthel

Thomas Baum

Yullwin Mak

Peter von Haller

Set design:
Isi Wimmer

Sonja Lesowsky