2 Christmas Dogs

Year of production: 2005

    One wedding, two dogs - and a happy ending
at Christmas time.

They met a year ago with the help of a Christmas
dog - Katrin, the business woman and Max, the
cook. Now their best friends are getting married,
and they have to confront the question of
whether they themselves are ready to make that
step take the plunge?]. Katrin has a great job
offer in London, and Max is always gone, giving
the impression that he is seeing other women.
Maybe another Christmas dog would help, so
that there can still be a happy ending under the
Christmas tree.

When the film opens, it is a few days before
Christmas Eve. Katrin and Max are in the midst of
Christmas stress when they learn that Aurelius
the Duke of Waldborn and Nathalie, a physical
therapist, have decided to get married.
Suddenly, everything seems to change. Kathrin's
head hunter offer her a great job in London, and
she begins wondering why she has not yet made
it to the altar - after all she and Max met at
around the same time as Aurelius and Nathalie.
And her parents, Gottlieb and Ernstine, are still
pining for Aurelius, the son-in-law who got away,
who was still with Katrin only a year before.
A tipsy Katrin holds an embarrassing bridesmaid's
speech - topped only by Kurt, her dog, whose
carnal instincts set him off in hot pursuit of the
"Trixie," causing chaos at the buffet.

The next day the real complications begin: Katrin
bumps into Jack, the headhunter, who reminds her
of her professional opportunities. Max has been
missing for days and seems to be following his
own mysterious plans - that seem to have
something to do with women. Katrin's father
Gottlieb is now seeking for a treatment for his dog
allergy from a nobleman. This leads to Katrin and
her mother's conviction that their respective men
are cheating on them. In addition Ernstine
observes Max at what seems to be a rendezvous.
However, the cook is in fact planning a big
surprise for Katrin at Christmas, by opeing a
restaurant of his own. Bu tin order to do so, he
needs the help of a woman banker and several
high society women, for whom he occasionally
cooks. Katrin's suspicions seem confirmed when
Max brings Trixie, Kurts main squeeze, home with
him, without a real explanation. Katrin finds out
from a veterinarian that Trixie is pregnant!
It all comes to a climax at a romantic dinner when
Max wants to reveal his secret. As luck would
have it, he has to entertain Katrin and the banker
women in the same evening. So, inevitably, Katrin
sees him with the "other women" and storms off.

A sad Christmas Eve begins. Max departs for the
auction for the restaurant without the money
from the woman banker- and cannot reach his
adored Katrin, who herself is determined to leave
for London, introducing herself to her future
employers by video-interview. Suddenly, she
realizes that she is expecting a baby, and
everything changes again. She finds out from
Jack about Max's cooking for paying customers.
Nothing more seems to stand in the way.

But will Katrin make it to the auction on time?
Will there be a happy ending after all under the
Christmas tree?
Nadeshda Brennicke
Florian Fitz
Ursula Strauss
Bea Frey
Gunther Gillian
Reinhard Nowak
Eva-Maria Marold
Adele Neuhauser
Fritz von Friedl

Lenard F. Krawinkel

Eduard Habsburg

Lenard F. Krawinkel

Peter Janda

Joachim Jung

Set design:
Veronika Merlin

Frank Soiron